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Oilskin Vest

Thank you to our loyal customers. The Australian Shop is a long established business in Toronto serving the needs for outdoor enthusiasts both in Canada and the USA.

As hat and coat sizes can vary it is advisable to phone or e-mail to determine a proper fit.

Akubra - Snowy River

Oilskin Deer Hunter

Oilskin Poncho

Kangaroo or Mesh

Oilskin Drover & Wool Liner

Stormproof Duster - Packable

Oilskin - Madison River


Stormproof Parka - Packable

Oilskin Pathfinder Jacket


Oilskin Lady's Jillaroo

Oilskin Sheila's Delight

Akubra - Banjo

Oilskin Bomber Jacket

Oilskin Gidley Jacket

Akubra - Military

Oilskin Overland Jacket



Drover Canvas Cooler

Oilskin Kodiak